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4 Reasons To Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency In Ohio

Inbound marketing is the lifeline of a growing company. Without it, the company wouldn't be able to effectively communicate with new customers. In fact, the newsletters, blogs, and social media posts drafted by a company provide valuable information that educates and entertains the new consumer base.

Most companies create their own marketing materials, but some opt to outsource the job to an inbound marketing agency. There are several in Ohio. Many Ohio-based companies and companies based outside the state use an inbound marketing agency in Ohio for their paper and digital communications. It's the smart option for companies looking to improve their consumer outreach. Here's five reasons to hire one.

1) Get the Right Inbound Strategy to Increase Sales

The most important reason to invest in inbound marketing is for the potential increase in sales. In fact, with the right strategy, sales can increase anywhere from 30 percent to 300 percent. Inbound marketing connects the company to new customers. It also helps the company engage them. The most effective form of inbound marketing is graphics. Here's a list of popular inbound marketing graphics used in marketing strategies:

    Interactive Programs HD Video Motion Graphics Custom Web Sites Email Marketing – template design 3D Modeling Tradeshow displays Brochures, catalogs, and postcards

2) Effectively Deal with Competing Media

Consumption of media is an important factor in inbound marketing. Most people won't pay attention to a company's communications since another company has their attention. In fact, brand loyalty is a formidable force that most forms of inbound marketing have to penetrate in order to communicate their perspective. The right blend of visuals and messaging can challenge a person's loyalty to a brand, but unless there's a financial incentive, it's unlikely that the consumer will choose another company's service.

3) Take Advantage of the Internet and Content Marketing

The Internet is full of content. Only recently, this content has been shareable on a global scale, through social media. Each piece of content has the potential to reach millions of readers. This possibility has companies installing Facebook Like and Share buttons, along with Twitter Tweet buttons, and Google + share buttons. There's a host of other sharing options that made their way to company websites including Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, and the old fashion Email option. Messenger options are popular as well. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two of the largest messaging platforms used to share content.

4) Get Optimized Content Designed for Search Engines

While composing an article for the company, the marketing department should use search engine optimization techniques to optimize the content. The goal is to make the article visible to search engines. One way to do this is to add keywords that are related to the topic. Another option is to add a title that is descriptive and relevant to the topic. The webpage should be optimized as well by adding a relevant meta description. These steps will make it more likely for a reader to find the article while searching the Internet with Google, Bing, or a similar search engine.

A Bit of History

The term 'inbound marketing' was coined by Brian Halligan, the CEO of HubSpot. The concept of inbound marketing is similar to 'Permission Marketing,' which was a book written by Set Godin in 1999. The main goal of inbound marketing is to create awareness and attract new customers.


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